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Dixons Carphone identify 1.2M record Data Breach

An interesting statement from Dixons Carphone. It should be noted that this is listed as a potential breach, rather than proven. 1,200,000 personal records have been breached via unauthorised access. Additionally (in a separate incident), 5,800,000 chip and pin card details have been accessed and 105,000 non-EU card details that do not have chip and … Continue reading

Bug Collusion

Why do multiple independent researchers find the same bug at the same time? Multiple teams identified Meltdown and Spectre at the same time. How did that happen? A twenty year old flaw suddenly becomes “interesting “?

Flash not in the bin, but nearly…

The slow death of Adobe’s Flash Player continues.  Adobe partially drop the name last year. It always amuses me how quickly a technology can become “mainstream” but how long it takes to ween ourselves off it when it becomes obsolete, like Windows XP, or, like Flash, an absolute liability. Perhaps software companies should be forced … Continue reading