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Fake Pages on Facebook

Beware of fake pages on Facebook and other social networks. Continue reading

Three Technologies to improve security online

The sad thing is, these aren’t in your control.

Review: Google Chrome for iOS

It’s been a long time in coming but here, finally, is Google Chrome for iOS! But have the years of waiting been worthwhile? Have Google Succeeded where all the others have failed?

Have Google lost the plot? More outages…

Have Google lost the plot? More outages…





Struggling with the vast array of Google‘s suite of SaaS products is complicated enough.

Their habit, though, of making changes that seem I’ll thought out or counter productive isbecoming more and more difficult to understand.

Two Chrome updates in a matter of days causing huge amount of data to be downloaded across corporate networks, primarily due to the dynamic URLs that make caching the files impossible.

Now we have FOUR consecutive days of disruption on their primary product, Gmail.

FOUR days?

And a lacK of options too!  Why can’t I disable the Gmail Flash attachment uploader in Chrome?  I can in IE8!

¿What is going on?

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Passwords: helping yourself to stay secure?

Everywhere you go looking at online security you’ll see discussion on passwords. What should a password be? How long? Allow any obvious information derivatives? Forced complexity? Allow real words? Force expiry?