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Security Now: 9th year and still an excellent resource

The latest episode of Security Now shows how much changes and how much stays the same. One reason why Steve Gibson is so well respected  in the IT/IS security field is the depth of his experience, something cannot be replaced or ignored.  A constant over the past 8 years. Then we have security products and … Continue reading

Have Google lost the plot? More outages…

Have Google lost the plot? More outages…





Struggling with the vast array of Google‘s suite of SaaS products is complicated enough.

Their habit, though, of making changes that seem I’ll thought out or counter productive isbecoming more and more difficult to understand.

Two Chrome updates in a matter of days causing huge amount of data to be downloaded across corporate networks, primarily due to the dynamic URLs that make caching the files impossible.

Now we have FOUR consecutive days of disruption on their primary product, Gmail.

FOUR days?

And a lacK of options too!  Why can’t I disable the Gmail Flash attachment uploader in Chrome?  I can in IE8!

¿What is going on?

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Facebook: Security updates

Last week Websense and Facebook announced a partnership in order to protect users from malicious links in the popular social media site. But Facebook have a pretty good page dedicated to security issues of all sorts. Websense Partnership: Firstly, I’ll cover this new enterprise. This looks like an excellent deal. Obviously the end user should … Continue reading

Facebook: Subscribe (Stalk?)

Curious how things change and yet stay the same. According to Facebook the Subscribe feature is just a natural extension of a ‘hidden’ feature that was already there. But are Facebook making the service too complicated to understand, let alone manage?

Online stalker: could be your nearest and dearest

Who’s watching? Being stalked by some stranger. Leaving an online trail of destruction amongst your friends and family. Inviting other strangers to your home pretending to be you? Only after 3 1/2 years to be revealed to be your most trusted confidant and potential life partner?