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Facebook scam pages

I’ve seen a lot of these recently popping up and too many of my friends are being fooled for comfort. So I’ve created a few rules you can use.

Facebook: Keeping your timeline clean for your Friends

Prompted from a recent post on a friend’s Facebook Timeline I thought I’d review how you can ensure your Timeline is “Clean” and without clutter for your Friends to enjoy. Primarily, this means ensuring your FB apps and linked websites aren’t sending rubbish to your friends constantly. Every time you register a new App it … Continue reading

New Facebook for iOS adds easier Privacy and Smileys

New Facebook app is a minor tweak, to be honest. But it does add two nice features.

Facebook Hoax: UK Pensioners versus Refugees

I’m not going to spend too long on this one. The UK government have a response to this version.

Facebook “Dislike” button goes viral: literally

It was bound to happen. Some clever sod has started a series of malicious postings on Facebook orientated around a supposed “DISLIKE” button.