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Online stalker: could be your nearest and dearest

Who’s watching? Being stalked by some stranger. Leaving an online trail of destruction amongst your friends and family. Inviting other strangers to your home pretending to be you? Only after 3 1/2 years to be revealed to be your most trusted confidant and potential life partner?

Malware injection on trusted websites

Not a lot the end user can do about this one except trust their AV. Twit.TV, the producers of Security Now! and iPad Today amongst a vast array of other podcasts, have been the victim of a malicious code injection.

Facebook: Security

More changes to Facebook and we have some interesting settings available. Want to be sure that your account is secured? Well, this is a good starting place and should get you going. There are some pretty good options hidden away in the…

DNS Based Site Hijack (‘El Reg’ et al)

Sunday (04/092011) saw the websites of three large companies (and a few others) apparently hacked by the hacker group Turkguvenligi. But how did they gain access to several sites all at the same time? It’s inconceivable that Vodafone, The Daily Telegraph, The Register and UPS all use the same hosting severs. But they do all … Continue reading

Evil Office Pranks

Hmm, How far is too far? Do practical jokes have a place at work?