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Squid AD

I have recently been working on a new squid implementation and have noticed a few things. If you copy and paste from this blog then the chances are that the format will be broken and that some characters have been replaced ( inverted commas for matched quotes for example) resulting in a non-functional script. — … Continue reading

HOW To: Squid AD Authentication

Squid AD Authentication Transparent Active Directory user identification and group policies enabled within Squid. Requirements Platform: CentOS 5.2  Package: Squid 2.6.STABLE6 Package: Samba 3.0.28 Package: Samba Common 3.0.28 Package: Samba Client 3.0.28 Package: pam smb 1.1.7 Package: krb5-devel 1.6.1 Package: pam krb5 2.2.14 Package: krb libs 1.6.1 Package: krb5 Workstation 1.6.1 Package: HTTPD 2.2.3 Package: … Continue reading