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Rhinitus has been the bane of my life.
imagining the little lad with the seven or more handkerchiefs that are by the end of the day a sopping wet?
The lad with the nickname “The Nose“.
The adolescent who is afraid of sneezing any moment over any date, if she even gets that far and isn’t put off by sniffles.
The young industrial chemist who must ignore the majority of posts as his condition will be worsened by the conditions.
And so it goes on…
There is no cure for Rhinitus. It is a very low priority condition, and rightly so. It is rarely life threatening and in most cases mindly inconvenient, sort of a 24 hour, 365 day hayfever.
But still I sometimes wish a little money could be pushed that way.
I have, for the record, non-allergic rhinitus. But the common allergens of a normal hayfever or rhinitus still apply also; grass, perfume, smoke.
The main cause of my snuffles are dust and changes in temperature.
And today…
Well one of the few advantages. I am on the train. With all the worry of Swine flu my sniffles are being misinterpreted. People are actively avoiding me! Some have settled down, removed coats, got out laptops or food, and then suddenly grabbed it all and changed carriages!
Got a couple of people here now but it’s quiet in comparison to normal. The other carriages are gonna get crowded.

So next time you see someone struggling with the sniffles, yes they may have an ultra contagious super killer porkine virus but more likely they’re just being attacked by their own bodies.

You just have to weigh up the potential risk. 😉

Any discomfort you feel, maybe even revoltion, is fleeting, the person with the sniffles might have a lifetime of adverse reactions to contend with.

[snif] Stay [sneeze] safe,


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