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Well it would appear that I am gonna struggle with my latest venture.
Quite a modest target of raising £150 for Sports Relief is escaping me, even with some quite generous chunks of that being donated almost immediately!
The idea is that I am going to go into work entirely garbed out in my cricket kit.
Not just the whites;
Cap (I’ve always been stoopid and not worn a helmet)
But this means a fifteen minute drive, over an hour on the train and a twenty minute walk to get in.
All looking a complete pratt.
And then, at the end of the day, the whole thing again!
It isn’t a celeb boxing match or me swimming the channel but I thought people were more generous.
Southern Railway require you to have a letter from them before you can collect money. Either on the train or on their premises so that’s one option gone.
I emailed them yesterday but they are extraordinarily slow responders. They’ll write me a letter dated next Friday
that I’ll receive the following Thursday say that I can collect on the train on the Friday two weeks previously.
Damn and Darnation!
Well nice people have sponsored me a bit so I’ll make half my target I think!
If you are one o those people thank you very much.

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