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Anti-Fraud kicks in!

I’m pretty impressed.
I made an “out of character” purchase and my bank instantly called me and texted (SMS) me informing me of a potential ‘fraud‘ issue.

The Fear:

What was more worrying was the potential block/lock on my card. I don’t directly use it too much but it’s usually vital that it works!
Now, I get this call and I’m thinking

  1. that has to be caused by me as it was almost immediately after my purchase
  2. but what if a fraudster had already pilfered my account
  3. but what if the bank block my card
  4. but what if the bank freeze my accounts

I also didn’t trust the voicemail or the SMS as I had just entered those details into the website I was purchasing from. Was this really my bank calling?
But, with a little fear in my thinking, I called them back.

The Call:

A simple set of questions (including my card number but no other details off the card) and they asked me about a series of transactions.
All of them were online, and in three different countries. Even the UK transactions were all over the place.
I began to see why they’d called to check up.
Eventually the call ends an they inform me that there was no block on either the transactions or the card/account.

More Fear:

But then I started thinking. What if that call really had been suspect?
Fear rose, all sorts I nightmare scenarios go through my mind!
So, as soon as I can, I log on to my banks website and call customer services.
They confirmed that they did, indeed, make the call!
Phew! [again]


Keep your banks customer services number with you and call that if you get any unusual ‘fraud alert‘ calls. I got lucky, but it pays to be cautious.

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