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Sony Ericsson W890i


I’ve had a good number of phones over the years but I like this one a lot.

It’s a 3G Wlakman phone and has all the features we all expect out of the smaller mobiles.

  • 3G
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera (3MP)
  • Storage (M2 card)
  • Music Player (Walkman with very good button access for FF, RW, Play/Pause etc.)
  • Browser
  • Push E-mail
  • Java Apps and Games

I got mine free with an O2 contract.  Also got a Bluetooth speaker that is excellent in the kitchen when cooking.  Though there is the usual 2.4GHz problem if the microwave is on!  Hiss, Crackle…

The Bluetooth works well with my motorola headset with remote controls.

It is extremely thin – the thinest I’ve ever owned, but sturdy with a nice brushed silver finish.

 What do I use it for?  Mainly checking e-mail, calls, music player, browser, texting (1000 per month included in the contract so effectively unlimited!), games, calendar and bizarly alarm clock.

The phone has the ability to keep the alarms active even if the phone is off!

 Very much recommended.  At least it was until a mate inserted his SIM coz his phone (same model) kept crashing.  Mine has since crashed a few times.

 I recommend never lending your phone to a friend to test his SIM!


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