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We recently decommissioned a truck load of servers at work.

Mostly broken old tat which we just haven’t got the time or space (or even the low end application) to make use of.

Some of the components have got reused of course which is a plus.  Larger or faster disks.  DDR2 memory.  Even some of the archaic CPU might be turned into jewellery!

But I found one more item.  The CRC 2032 BIOS batteries.

I have several devices that use these.  All of them primarily calculators.  My favourite is the Sharp PC-1360.  This was my first portable programmable device.

  1. CMOS 8b CPU  –Feel the power
  2. 8KB RAM (expandable to 64KB)  –So much space
  3. 32×150 pixel Mono display  –So many display options

It came with a pretty decent version of BASIC and a very good manual.

Ah! i miss the manuals…

Still, even with the time the CRC 2032 have been sat there they still worked!  another toy to play with.

On a sadder note my HP IPAQ was moth balled.
The Windows Mobile 2K3, lack of 3G and rubbished backup battery mean that it is more of a hinderance than a help.

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