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Day 058: Look Who’s Talking

Like all children, all little Mikey wants is his Mom and Dad!
But unlike most babies – we get to hear his story!

Single mum, Mollie (Kirstie Alley) is dumped by Mickey’s father Albert (George Segal). A chance meeting with cabbie, James (John Travolta) and perhaps she can find Mickey a suitable father and romance for herself too?

The concept here is inspired. Essentially the little baby Mikey – even before he is born, has a voice of his own. We get to hear Mikey (voiced by Bruce Willis) discuss all the import things in his life, and it isn’t money! He wants a nice dad!

Things to look out for: sperm race, yep – even sperm have voices, Mikey’s reaction to being born, “are you thinking what I’m thinking?“, why babies kick inside the womb, Albert’s selfish phase, baby jokes
Released: 1989
Certificate: 12
Cast: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Bruce Willis, George Segal,
Rating: not bad but grates after a few viewings, original concept, some very good humour, ok
Part of the Look Who’s Talking collection.

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