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Day 063: Alien 3

Having once again escaped the LV-426, Ripley finds herself again on a distant world fighting an enemy that seriously out powers her. Even an entire prison of bad-ass prisoners can’t hope to succeed.
Can they?
Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop crash land on the penal colony after a ship-board fire in the military craft carrying them home.
Only Ripley is recovered from the site and she need CPR.
The all male population of the colony are soon stirred up by the presence of a woman. The Company is again contacted to inform them of Ripley’s presence.
Simultaneously, two separate Aliens emerge on the colony. Now the inmates have to contend with a real horror as they realise they have no weapons with which to defend themselves.

Although a seriously flawed movie this is a return to the dark and disturbing stance preferred by the original movie. It is nothing like as effective (too many characters) or frightening but does have enough tension to keep you interested.
The characters are far more difficult to understand in this one. That is probably deliberate as these are societies outcasts, rapists and murders all. A few of the saner elements are followed effectively by the story.
The final twists and turns are well done and some of the death scenes are visceral. in a break from the previous two movies more blood and guts are one screen. Another difference is that the setting is significantly less believable.
If you have the DVD with the appropriate extras the reason soon becomes apparent. The script had a difficult life, with the inmates originally priests and the prison a monastery.
It is a watchable movie with some nice touches but too messy to be classed in the same company as the previous two movies.

Things to look out for: Opening sequence, visceral fan mutilation, dog-alien, cow-alien, hair cut, Ripley surviving a direct attack, twists and turns, wonderful turn by Danny Webb, the return of Lance Henrikson, final scenes
Released: 1992
Certificate: 18
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dance, Brian Glover, Charles Dutton, Paul McGann, Danny Webb, Lance Henrikson,
Rating: flawed but watchable, certainly unique fell to the movie, good

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