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iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 4: Rachel’s Holiday

Apple’s free Christmas gifts continue… this time with an e-book.
The fourth gift is a book from author Marian Keyes called Rachel’s Holiday.

So we have a set now, Music, App, Video and now book.
The subject matter isn’t something I would seek out but as with last years The Redbreast, books are a welcome inclusion in the 12 Days free content.

The book examines the life of an addict at a turning point in her life. Separated from her sort of boyfriend she’s placed into rehab but finds solace with a new man but is this what she needs?
Moving from early denial and a simple comparison between her use of drugs and the occasional drinking common in modern society, can Rachel come to terms with the truth of her addiction and redirect her life back on track?

Written in the first person, from reading the first chapter I can se why the author’s works are popular. The eponymous character seems well constructed. Even, perhaps, that I may read the rest of the novel, unless it becomes too chick-lit.

It is a shame that people are reviewing the book based on its inclusion in 12 Days and their personal greed simply for Apps. Apple do well to include a varied subject matter and not everything is going to please you. Get over it.

Books are a welcome inclusion, even if the subject isn’t to the individual’s taste…

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4 thoughts on “iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas: Day 4: Rachel’s Holiday

  1. I predict Ed Sheeran iTunes Festival EP for Day 5

    Posted by Duncan | 2012/12/29, 7:52 pm

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