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Training, Work

Tomorrow, I train…

One thing I have always struggled with.
Getting all the work done!
Hopefully the course tomorrow will give me an incite into where I’m going wrong.
If I am…

Time for Training, Training for Time:

It is curious that is feel, after being in this world over 40 years, that I still haven’t grasped the best use I my time – especially at work.
Tomorrow I’ll be on a course designed to help individuals get the best out of ‘Work and Time Management’.
I’m hoping to get some serious pointer into controlling my personal schedule. We are, of course, talking about all the semi-normal work, I presume.
My line of work tends to lend itself to a significant amount of reactive, urgent work flows. Data discoveries, security instances, contract disclosures, mail routing, web filtering all work on a level of immediacy that isn’t necessarily the case in more structured, project or task drive work flows.
Still, even those ‘priority’ flows need to be controlled.
I’m hoping that the course will allow me to “understand how to plan to my strengths and achieve my priorities”.

I’m optimistic about this one as the techniques are laid out in the pre-course communications so it will, in the end, be up to me to ensure that, whatever I learn tomorrow, I continue to apply them in my day-to-day working life.

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