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Day 009: Facebook Limiting a Friends view

We have covered in some detail now how to limit what is visible in your News Feed. Basically limiting How many of the huge variety of Posts your Friends make.
So now you need to think about what they can see of what you are doing.
Probably this is more important to you!
Bad News:
Facebook does not offer any mechanism to individually limit what a Friend can see. You cannot hide all your Photos from your Mum. You cannot hide your location from your boss. Bizarre though it sounds Friends simply cannot be limited individually.
Good News:
We still have Lists. And more importantly Acquaintances and Restricted Lists.
This isn’t as helpful as the options I’ve suggested but at least it helps a little.
You must remember to set the appropriate Privacy on every post though. Remember, Facebook remembers your last Privacy selection. So try to check every time you Post.
Friends in this list can only see your Public posts. Posts to Friends or any list will not be visible to these people, even if they are in that list.
Not restricted in what they can see but there is a wonderful option when selecting the distribution of a post called “Friends except Acquaintances

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