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Day 028: Facebook Apps (continued)

Lots of permissions settings for Apps were shown in the previous look at Facebook. We still have a few more to go though.

Facebook App Last Data Access:

So we’re back on our Account Settings, Apps page. Selecting any Application not only tells us the permissions we previously mentioned but also gives us the “Last data access” option.
Select this via the “See details” link and you get a small summary of recent activity on your Facebook account attributed to that App.
You can use this information to decide if the application is doing more than you wish or is acting suspiciously. However although some apps, like Flixster above, appear to access a lot of stuff they are still harmless.
If you’re not comfortable though with the access, check the permissions that are set for that Application and remove any optional ones you don’t like. If you don’t like any of the required ones though you’ll have to stop using that Application and remove it’s permissions to access your account.

Important note:

The last data accessed option is internally inconsistent. You can see a date on the overview page but the See details pages conflicts. Not sure why this should be but assuming that the most recent date is correct is a safer option.



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