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Day 071: Revenge of the Pink Panther

With a mobster and his henchmen determined to murder him, Clouseau has no choice but to play dead.
Yet, still, he manages to cause havoc everywhere he goes.
A French businessman/mobster named Douvier (Robert Webber) sets his mind on killing Chief Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) to prove his worth.
When someone else is killed is Clouseau’s stead everyone assumes it’s the bumbling detective.
Even Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is released as sane as there is no object for his obsession.
But Clouseau is determined to find who tried to kill him and thinks it’ll be easier if they think he’s dead.

For such a long series of movies this is a surprisingly strong film. The humour is again slapstick magic. Kwouk‘s role is extended again, very effectively.
Lom‘s unexpected return, though incredulous is welcome.
There is a return to the original movie’s concept of having a series straight characters for the bumbling detective to play off.

Things to look out for: Kato, what Kato does with Clouseau’s apartment, Dreyfus’s reaction every time he sees Clouseau, Clouseau’s disguises
Released: 1976
Certificate: PG
Cast: Peter Sellers, Robert Webber, Burt Kwouk, Dyan Cannon, Robert Loggia
Rating: pleasant viewing a little below the standard of the first three films, still recommended
Part of the Pink Panther collection

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